Posted by: zephaniah317 | January 10, 2007


So in my current journey out of fear (of rejection, mainly), I’m realizing that I’ve always been afraid of offending ANYONE, including SATAN and his cronies.  How weird is that?  Often times when praying against him either for myself or my brothers or sisters, I’ve felt a sort of “flinching” inside, like I’m pissing someone off.  Until, finally, the realization comes that DUH, I AM AND SHOULD BE!

This carries over to my relationships.  (Especially) In my marriage (soon to be over barring His intervention/a miracle), my friendships, my working relationships, I’ve always been more concerned with keeping things peaceful than standing up for myself.  To the point where it feels like I’m being mean to people if I disagree with them about anything.

Fact is, in the culture we live in, now more than ever, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”.  We’ve become so touchy as a society that we have a HARD TIME growing as a people because we get so OFFENDED sometimes.   Iron can’t sharpen iron (Proverbs 27:17) if one or both of those involved in the sharpening are viewing it as a wounding instead of discpline.  If people really knew my heart, they’d know that I’d never DREAM of attacking their heart or contradicting who God says they are (HIS CHILD).  And it’s mainly CHRISTIANS I’m talking about here!  Sheesh!  Don’t even talk to me about NON-Christians.  I really struggle there, as well.  One of the best conversations I’ve ever had with a friend was one where he told me I needed to “grow a set”, and that God is accomplishing that.  Now that’s some IRON.

The rambling continues…so how do I guard my heart from the unholy trinity and keep the peace?  IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.  Jesus said He came to bring not peace, but a SWORD (Matt. 10-34-39) .  To have the mind of Christ, to live as His child, to bring others to Him, infers that there WILL BE CONFLICT.  THERE SHOULD BE.  PERIOD.  Do we go looking for it?  No.  Should we expect it?  Yes.  Do we try to dodge it?  I do.  My Lord hung on a cross and bore the weight of the world and it’s sin for a few hours, the least I can do is stand for Him (and MY HEART which He created) for a few minutes each day when my flesh, the world, and the Enemy (hint) says “roll over, play dead, give in, don’t stand up.”  Is there conflict in your life?  Is there enough in mine?


  1. It would seem I’m not the only one that has a talent to write 🙂 Good thoughts. Thanks.

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