Posted by: zephaniah317 | January 14, 2007



I was pondering Bebo Norman’s song “The Hammer Holds” today.  It’s a song that’s sung from the perspective of one of the nails that was driven into Jesus’ hand.  How it started out from an unformed piece of steel, hoping to be something grand like a work of art, only to find out that it’s purpose in life was to be an instrument of death for the Savior of the World.

As I was pondering this, I wondered…how often does God show us our purpose, either in life, or in certain situations, after we’re already in them?  I know God doesn’t work according to a formula or anything like that, He’s awesomely unpredictable.  So, I know some stories of people being led to their purpose in this life and in furthering the Kingdom.  But how often does the person, like the nail in the song, expect to be someone (something) entirely different, only to find God’s plan there all along, right where they’re at?  Just wondering.


  1. if you are the nail in this analogy, what do you think is the purpose God has for you right now?

  2. To help in leading our platoon(s) (another Eldredge reference) in the daily fight against the world, the flesh, and Satan. I guess worship is in that leading, but I can see other areas developing, as well. I also get the distinct feeling somedays that engineering is not the career for me. How about you?

  3. I am ready for Africa.

  4. yes, well, if we’re thinking Africa, why not a tropical island instead? : ) when I was in jr high, I was pretty certain that God wanted me to be a missionary to Hawaii and entirely certain that Tom Selleck needed to come to Jesus! seriously, i know a few things for sure and they involve being a wife and mom and God made it really clear to Brian and me a year or so ago that he wanted us to care deeply about what happens at Union Center Christian church. So…that’s the scoop for now….

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