Posted by: zephaniah317 | January 17, 2007

American Idol – Funny or just plain mean?

OK, time for a silly subject.  My cube-dwellers and I have been discussing “American Idol” lately, and we found out that when a person auditions for the show, that they have to go through a series of judges before getting to the triumvirate of Simon, Randy and Paula.  So, that naturally leads to the assumption that, since some of the auditions for the “big three” are really, really awful and embarrassing, some of the judges early in the process are saying, “whoa, this one’s really bad, it’d make for a good spot on the early “Good, Bad, and Ugly” shows”, and letting them advance to the “next round” based on how bad they are, not on how good they are.  Which also begs the question, do they tell the people this or let them think they’re good enough to make it to the audition with the big three?  Is this funny or just plain mean?

I always find myself asking the question, “Are these folks for real – do they think they really have talent? – or are they just trying to get on TV?”  And, if it’s the former, don’t they have friends or anyone in their life there to tell them “Duuuuude, don’t tryout, you’ll end up on the “Bad tryout” portion of the show!” ? Anyone got an opinion?



  1. American Idol has to put more “entertainment” into the show. That unfortunatly makes the beginning of the show. I would hope someone would tell me, but then again I am glad that they tried just to see. I hate when the judges are mean, but what are you going to do? You either play by thier rules or don’t. That is our choice.

  2. ooooo…’triumvirate’….excellent word usage, z!

    ps. my vote is ‘just plain mean’, but then again we are a karaoke-lovin’ universe!

  3. I’m going to have to go with the just plain mean side of things. Although I’m sure that some of these people are just trying to get a spot on TV. Well…I guess that’s a hard question really. I mean if there trying out for judges at all these pre screening places before the real one with the big 3 then why wouldn’t they be eliminated? I mean you know when you see some of these guys there’s no way they did some great performance at an earlier audition. Great some other thing for me to wonder about, thanks alot!

  4. Ah, television…honestly it’s kind of nice to not really have access to/ time for it at school. Of course I haven’t missed an episode of Heroes yet, thanks to them being offered online. As far as Idol, I’m sure there are exceptions but for the most part they’ve got to know if they’re really that bad, so I don’t tend to see them as “victims” per se.

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