Posted by: zephaniah317 | January 29, 2007



My uninformed friend livingpalm put a picture of a “cricket” on her blog page, not aware of the monsters I had to grow up with in Alabama.  Here’s a good picture of a camelback cricket.  I think they’re indigenous to Southern states, I’ve never seen one here in upstate NY.  Bet y’all are glad about that, huh?


  1. the ‘uninformed friend’ says ‘ewwwwww — that’s DISGUSTING!”

  2. Looks like a cockroach with legs!!!

  3. Uh, CF, don’t cockroaches already HAVE legs? 😛

  4. LOL, I ment this looks like a mutated version of a cockroach with very LONG legs. 🙂

  5. I just bought a house in Long Island and the basement had them all over.
    The best solution if you think you have them is “Duct Tape”. flip it over the tape so the sticky end is up and wait until morning. Thats how I got rid of about 100 of them.

    This is what genetic engineers can do with stem cells.

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  7. not sure about the hits. just looked at this for the first time. ew.

  8. You mentioning the all the hits lured me here. Yuck. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Still don’t know why I’m getting all the hits here. I’m open to ideas.

    And, ladies, c’mon, he’s kinda cute, dontcha think? 😉

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  11. Hi There– I’m a random person responsible for one of your hits. heehee.

    I googled for images, and this came up.

    we, *gulp* have them in Virginia.

    I have a rather humorous story involving me, a cricket, and a very small bathroom. Oh, and sleeping on the couch that night, rather than my bedroom by the bathroom. haha

    thanks for the nightmares! 🙂 cheers!

  12. I googled it and it was the first picture which led me here. My uncle had a problem with these things. There GROOOOOOOOOOSSSSS.

  13. OMG…those hideous suckers terrorized me and my siblings when we were kids in Webster Groves, Missouri, a big city in St. Louis. They would jump on us and friggin stick to us…..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. They snuck into our basement at nite. Oh the nightmares they gave me…..

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  15. You’re getting so many hits because wikipedia doesn’t have a page for them and google puts your image up as one of four. Great pic. They have migrated up to middle Jersey (and apparently Long Island). Great idea about the duct tape!

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