Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 8, 2007

Adult Material

Something hit me over the weekend as I was watching Prince at the SB XLI halftime show and, unfortunately remembering halftime shows past (including the “wardrobe malfunction” a few years ago).  I remember friends of mine saying how they really have to monitor what their kids watch nowadays.  So what hit me was, “if it’s not OK for my kids to watch (which, I don’t have kids by the way, so I should probably say “if it’s not OK for kids to watch”), why is it OK for me to watch?”

Side note:  This would apply strictly to the entertainment side of things, and not, say, news, or documentaries, etc.  If you don’t think it’s appropriate viewing for kids, i.e., they’re not ready for it yet, then by all means, turn off the tube.  But, as someone who’s been sheltered most of his life and is paying for it, please don’t shelter your kids from the world.  Show them how Jesus dealt with it and how they should do likewise.

Now, as for entertainment, I can’t think of a single reason why even we as adults should watch what’s on a majority of TV.  I even get a sensory overload when I flip past (and yes, stop on) some cartoons nowadays.  It’s ridiculous.  Anyway, at what point does this stuff become “adult” material?  Do we really “handle” some of this stuff better than kids?  Or is it numbing and weakening our hearts and souls, giving strongholds to the enemy?  If you can answer “yes, I can handle some questionable shows and not have any adverse affect on my Christian walk”, then good.  That’s fine, really, I have nothing to reply with.  However, I can’t answer that way.  And I have to say my heart has never felt stronger than after a few days of turning off the boob tube (which, admittedly, I don’t do enough).


  1. I read your title and was like Hmmmm…You are right though about the entertainment, we say to our children that they can’t watch, but we can. Sometimes we totally deceive ourselves. As always we have to really stand by what we say not just for our children, but for ourselves as well.

  2. can i be honest with you, z? i’m feeling a little bit confused about what you are getting at here. mind you, that is ok — if you’re just needing to rant a little bit, we can ‘listen in’ without needing further clarification. but if you want feedback, i need some clarification on your last couple of posts.

  3. Point taken, LP. Hmm…how can I better word this? What I’m trying to say is, at least on my end, I’ve watched enough TV in my lifetime to where things that Jesus wouldn’t approve of me watching have become “OK” to watch. Let’s take sex for example. Do we really have the response we should when we see a conversation on TV between two guys about sleeping with someone? Isn’t sex out of wedlock more than just acceptable in movies and TV shows? Isn’t it almost encouraged? A point of humor? An advertisement to all watching of what a “real man” or a “real woman” should look/act like? And, have we become as a society de-sensitized to these things to the point where we laugh them off or just smirk in acknowledgement sometimes? I’m still in that boat somedays, I feel. At what point did this become OK?

    Same with sitcoms, even. It’s not even humor anymore. It’s a contest of “who can be the funniest cutting down or making fun of the other person”. Is this OK?

    I think I said it in another post, but I really believe it numbs our hearts and souls, makes us weaker. Isn’t edifying. A plot of the enemy even, to get us off what’s really important, furthering the Kingdom and loving God and others.

    So, I hope that provides some clarification. I know it seems I’m on a mission against TV and movies right now, and I hope I’m not sounding legalistic. I only get channels 2-13, and it’s bad enough. I surfed the channels a little too much from my hotel room this week on my business trip, and I can feel the adverse affect it had on me. If it’s just me, that’s OK, but I think we could all benefit from turning off the boob tube for a while.

    Honest comments always welcome. 😉

  4. hey, thanks for taking the time to clarify that — i understand you much better now. i always err on the side of legalism when it comes to this kind of topic…for me, this area represents on that in my past it was just easier to make a law than to learn a principle. My husband has been a great teacher in my life for that kind of thing — so, for me, I’m learning about the difference between turning on the tube for true R&R compared to an unhealthy numbing down. I’m learning the difference between watching something because I don’t have the courage to turn it off and choosing to keep something on because there is a redemptive quality to it. (example, in my ‘previous’ life, i would never, ever have ventured Lord of the Rings — what a tragedy that would have been!)…the difference between a movie or episode that uses ‘gratuitous’ violence or sex or language and one that deals with reality in a way that moves toward a redemptive purpose. (this is the principle we try to teach our kids, by the way) …the difference between pop-culture crap and true art.
    i’ll probably spend my whole life learning and i also admit that this is something that is easier for me to be accountable to because it’s not an area that i have huge temptation in. i also think it’s an area that is easier to be accountable to when you are not alone. for ex. — last night B and I were watching a movie that was pretty well written and acted, but there was one part of the storyline that was connected to some pretty weighty sin in my past. the writers, directors, etc knew the exact way to present that mindset in the absolute most tempting way for someone prone to this issue (mainly women) and I literally had to turn my face away from the television and talk to B about how that scene was making me feel, etc. it turned out to be a great opportunity for us to communicate. had i been alone, i would have needed to turn that off and communicate to some one (whether that be Jesus or another human being or just a really good journal session reminding me of the work Christ has done in my life and the new person that i am because of Him)

    anyway…didn’t mean to go on so long. just sharing my perspective! i know that you are deeply loved by your Father God and your Brother Christ and his spirit. keep walking like Him!!

  5. Thanks, LP. That’s a perspective I’ve never really thought about…pop-culture crap and true art. That’ll help me decide what to do the next weeknight I’m feeling a Seinfeld craving. Just say NO! 🙂

  6. not to drag this post out too long but some people i know veerrrry well would call Seinfeld true art. : ) (sadly unable to put a happy yellow face so you’ll have to be happy with my creative use of punctuation there)

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