Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 14, 2007

J & N’s Excellent Adventure – Day 1

Whoa! Truck!

Runway?  WHAT Runway?!?!

And thus begins our excellent adventure to Oregon to move my Dad from assisted living in Oregon to assisted living in the panhandle of Texas, where he grew up.  Hopefully a 9-10 day total trip.  I’m N, my partner is J, who I really appreciate coming with me on this quest.  We join our heroes in the Syracuse airport… 

Since we’re going to (hopefully) get into Oregon at 10:50 Pacific Time (that’s 1:50 EST), I’m going to post now while we have a little time.

First things first.  I was so excited about the trip that I couldn’t sleep.  Fell asleep about midnight, woke up about 3:30 with snow hitting my window and about a foot on the ground.  So, duh, I’m tired, but in good spirits.

Left work this morning at 9:45 so that J and I could get to Syracuse before the “whiteout” conditions prevailed on Interstate 81.  We made it to Syracuse just fine, had lunch at the Dinosaur BBQ (YUMMY! – my first time at that establishment), went to Carousel Mall (strictly to kill time – J  HATES malls, and I’m not far behind him in that regard), and then to the airport.  Now we’re sitting here waiting for our 5:40 pm flight to Chicago, which has been DELAYED TWICE.  Ugh.  Called my Dad, who, when told that we were hoping to get on the road after lunch tomorrow, said, “Son, you DO remember I’m 83 years old, right?” to which I replied, “So?  I’ve been telling you for weeks that we’re leaving after lunch on Thursday.”  He seems very uneasy about all this “rushing around”.  Hey, he’s got a Dr.’s appt. in Texas Monday morning at 8:45, and we’ll try to make that.  Not the end of the world if we don’t, but, we’ll try.

J is nervous about whether my Dad’s packed or not.  I checked with the assisted living place, and supposedly, he’s ready, although the lady on the phone went “oh, wow” when I told her I’d be there between 8:30 and 9:00 tomorrow morning.  Quoting Han Solo again, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Just got word that a crew swap has taken place in Chicago so that a crew with the proper “qualifications” (i.e., can land without seeing a freakin’ thing, ‘cuz I can’t see the runway outside the window right now – see photo above) can fly OUR plane here and pick us up.  Hope to leave at 6:30 or 6:40 and arrive in Chicago @ 7:30.  More on our adventures tomorrow, including, IS MY DAD READY TO LEAVE?


  1. woo hoo…let the road trip begin! can’t wait to hear what you find in oregon!

  2. it has got to be better than here right now, at least with the weather. Hope your Dad really is packed and ready to go. Have continued fun!! Ok, I had to laugh when you mentioned that u 2 went to the mall, I would have let that detail out. Just messin with ya!! 🙂

  3. You went to the MALL(?!?), while I sat here all alone, snowed into our apt. You boys are having all the fun so far. And I am running out of things to clean…

  4. Hey N & J, I am soooo glad you got to Syracuse safely. You had me worried! Enjoy the trip!

  5. After reviewing the above pictures, I would like to ask… did you check the sword and is that the scene at the suitcase carousel?

    Have a fun time. We are patiently awaiting Day 2 info.

  6. doh, it was already posted. Sorry.. carry on.

  7. […] like to take a vacation, but I don’t have a lot of hours saved up at work as a result of the Excellent Adventure in February.  I’m tired.  Emotionally.  The chase is taking a […]

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