Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 16, 2007

J & N’s Excellent Adventure – Day 2 – Rain!

Real men wear…uh, real men load vehicles in the rain…

Our flight left Chicago this morning at 10:15 without any drama.  We arrived in Portland at 12:45 PST, and took a cab to Woodburn, where my Dad lives.  Got the trailer, hooked it up (my Dad expressed gladness over the turn signals and brake lights working at least 5 times once we got going), and began loading about 2:15.

He was packed!  Yea!  We got done loading about 6:15 (see above) and began our trek.

Did I mention it was raining?  IT WAS.  THE WHOLE DAY, THE WHOLE DRIVE, AND IT’S RAINING RIGHT NOW.  Sheesh.  My man J led most of the way in the truck/trailer with me running interference behind him in the Impala (my Dad’s SWEET new ride, which I found out he didn’t spend a lot of cash on – so I’m cutting him some slack that I wasn’t before when he called me the day after Christmas and told me he bought a new car).  Anyway, J did an outstanding job handling the winding roads to the coast, we only made one wrong turn along the way, and we’re bunkered in for the night.  For those of you tracking us at home, we’re in Florence, Oregon tonight.  Took us about 3 hours to get here.  Hope to make better time tomorrow, although Highway 101 is just as winding as the road we were on tonight.

Some things I’ve noticed as we begin our journey:

– The Impala has Satellite radio and my Dad doesn’t even know what that is.

– My Dad has quickly developed a tendency of calling J “Jerry”.  I’ve corrected him many times, to no effect.  Good times.  🙂

– My Dad has also quickly developed another tendency of answering me when I’m actually talking on the walkie-talkie to J.  Again, good times.  🙂

– I found myself recalling the movie “Smokey and the Bandit” as we were driving tonight.  I’m like the Bandit in the Trans Am running interference for the big rig as we’re trying to get to Texas on time.  Anyone remember the lyrics to the song?  Very appropo.  Extra points if you post them during our adventure.

– In the Chicago airport, I mentioned to J about how awesome God is, making SO MANY PEOPLE but no two are the same (unless you struggle with rejection sometimes like me, and actually TRY to be like someone else).  I mean, really, do you ever think about that when you’re in a highly populated placed (arena, airport, etc.)?  There’s so MANY!



  1. Wow – that Jerry guy should enter a wet T-shirt contest. Is he married?

  2. If you really want to be secret, don’t put your email on there, Mrs. J. 😉

    (And let’s keep it clean here, it’s a family show) 😉 😉

  3. it said it was required and that it would not be published! oh well, I guess my admirations have been exposed…

    great posts…glad you got to oregon safely and can’t wait to hear what’s next.

    ps. please send a photo of your dad in the Impala…

  5. forgot to say…that i have often wondered the same thing as i ‘people-watched’ in airports — it’s even more fun to ‘people-listen’ — in my former life as a traveling sales trainer i spent many an hour in the airport eavesdropping on people’s lives…we are an odd species for sure!

  6. Now I am going to have to call him Jerry, great!! HEEHEE. It actually reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. Your Dad sounds like an interesting guy. I loved that he was trying to respond to you when you were on the walkie-talkie. Hey Secret Admirer, now that was a scary image..LOL

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Keep it up!

    (and, CFC, I would really like to avoid all Seinfeld scenarios on this trip!) 🙂

  8. Lyrics…
    (also misposted on another days blog)

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