Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 18, 2007

Did Eldredge Miss Something?

Another thought in my head as I awakened this morning at 4:30 (like usual – stinkin’ PST):  I recall very well John Eldredge talking about “Father Wounds” in Wild At Heart and how Jesus wants to take us men there and heal us.  I don’t remember, however, Eldredge talking about forgiving his father.  Does anyone else out there?  Just wondering.

Albuquerque, here we come.


  1. Not sure if Eldredge did however Robert Lewis did in his Mens fraternity series.
    from Session 6, Facing the Father Wound…
    in the workbook found here (thanks again Google) OR

    Addressed in Section II, D. 1. with a verse!

    I. Let’s Summarize Where We Are
    A. We are in the process of seeking to make sense of __why__ we are the ___way__ we are.
    1. Each of us has a __story__ to tell
    2. Each of us, to some degree, a __product__ of the past.
    3. Each of us is, in some ways, __is_controlled__ by the past until we consciously and willfully choose to break that control.
    B. We are exploring the first of five major wounds in life that __shares__ us.
    C. This wound is being inflicted upon sons at __epidemic_levels__ today.
    II. Eight Proactive Remedies for the Absent Father Wound
    A. If you’re a Dad…… make sure your son(s) has “__the_essentials__”
    Make sure he hears …_
    I love you, I’m proud of you, You’re Good.
    Make sure he has…………
    B. If you’re a Dad…it’s never too late to “__close_the_gap__” with your son(s), no matter how old.
    C. If you’re a single Dad, or a Dad separated from your son(s) by divorce, or a Dad who ha inherited a son(s) through remarriage, __seek_help_and_a_sound_strategy__. (read read read)
    D. If you’re a son wounded by Dad… choose to touch this wound __responsibly__.
    1. By choosing to __FORGIVE__ your Dad. (Hebrews 12:9-10).

    2. By choosing to believe in __Gods_justice__.
    E. If you’re a son wounded by Dad… __courageously_seek_reconciliation__ with your father.
    1. There may be separation between you and your Dad that springs from Dad’s __relational _shortcomings__. Don’t let that stop you!
    2. There may be separation between you and your Dad that spring from __past_conflict__.
    F. If you’re a son wounded by Dad… risk asking for your __fathers_love___.
    G. If you’re a son wounded by Dad…risk asking for your __fathers_blessings__.
    H. If you’re a son wounded by Dad… __reclaim__ the relationship you missed by becoming a __good Dad__ to your children.”

  2. I realize you know and understand we need to forgive our fathers, I just thought this was an excellent resource discussing this very topic and worthy of a post. Thanks N.

  3. Me too!

  4. Z, I had to delete your post! You blew J’s cover! For shame! 😉

    TJ, thanks for the info. I’ll delve into it more deeply when I have a chance.

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