Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 19, 2007

Concerning Negativity and Maturity

More thoughts from the awakening brain this morning:

As we are now about to enter Day 6 of the Excellent Adventure, I find two things that need to change in me (what?  you mean this wasn’t meant to be just a fun trip?  😉  )

First, I realize something I’ve inherited from my Dad.  Negativity.  As I’ve interacted with him for 5 days now, I think (this is just my perception, it may not be true, but hey, it’s helping me) that my Dad disagrees sometimes just to disagree.  I do that, too.  Depending on the situation or relationship, sometimes I point out flaws in a person’s reasoning or disagree with them when it’s really not necessary.  God, forgive me for this and help me to change.  Because, I realize, that…

…it coincides with the second thing.  That sometimes I just want to get my way.  And sometimes that’s the only reason I say things.  If there’s a solid reason to disagree with something, then OK, but just because things aren’t going the way I think they should or people aren’t doing the things I want them to, that’s not a good reason.  Is this why parents say “because I said so” sometimes?  Because they know they’re wrong and can’t come up with anything else?  Again, God, forgive me for this and help me to ch – scratch that, I choose  to change.  I choose to take that step.  (Seems I remember a post about “Initiative” last week…)

Ah, growth…

Saddle up…

WAIT!  I forgot a picture yesterday.  This was near Flagstaff:

Well the weather outside is frightful…

PROGRAMMING NOTE – ADDENDUM:  ALL of the Excellent Adventure posts have secret messages in the pictures if you hold your mouse over them.  Fun!  Forgot to mention that last night.


  1. Us parents don’t usually say because I said so for the kicks of it. Usually, at least in my case because I can’t explain any futher when they ask why for the 100th time in a row. Why is the sky blue can only be simplified so much to a kid. It just becomes annoying and frusterating when they don’t get it and I can’t explain it in a way that they fully grasp it. Have fun!!

  2. great learnings, z… without being too mushy or anything i am so grateful you had this chance to travel with your dad…

    keep on enjoying the good ol’ u. s. of a. for us, ok?

    ps. the secret message thing is cool!

  3. oh! i forgot to ask if we’ve redeemed ourselves with the Arizona, New Mexico and Texas theme songs?!?!

  4. good thoughts; i am a little jealous that you are making resolutions while i am still floundering with what is wrong.


  5. Thanks for everyone’s comments. LP, you have redeemed yourself with the theme songs…however, “God Blessed Texas” isn’t what you think it is. It’s not a bad song (I actually loved it when it came out); it’s about how God put a lot of pretty ladies in Texas. Don’t know if you knew that or not. 🙂

    J Haas, try not to flounder. God loves you right where you’re at. Hang in there. God won’t let you stay where you’re at, either. He loves you too much. 🙂

  6. i knew that about the song…it’s still fun to listen to and sing along with!

  7. Yes, it is. I was sad when Little Texas stopped making albums. I knew about them when they were a hopeful on Star Search.

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