Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 19, 2007

J & N’s Excellent Adventure – Day 5 – Desert

Greetings from Grants, NM.  And NO, we DIDN’T make a wrong turn at Albuquerque.  We didn’t quite make it to that famed city this evening.  I made a tactical error in planning today’s trip.  The friggin’ time zone change.  We lost an hour, so we pushed a little into the night, and are now settled into another Best Western.  Nice hotels, by the way.  It’s all we’ve stayed in – they’re clean, they’ve got Internet, they’re reasonably priced.  This one’s got a jacuzzi, but another hotel guest beat me to it.  J’s somewhere “working out”.  Yeah, right.  Another night, another blog.

Next item – I have to retract an earlier statement.  NOW I’ve driven through the most beautiful country e’er I’ve seen in all my long years.  Northern CA was nice, but So Cal and AZ is so wide open and untouched by man, not too touristy (at least from my view from the Interstate).  Just check these out:

It’s the DESERT…

…whadjya expect?

Pretty amazing scenery…

More Desert…

but wait, there’s more…

We saw this horrendous sight in Needles:

Are you KIDDING ME??!?!

And, we did NOT get our kicks today…

Didn’t even get on the old highway…

Oh, yeah, and at this point, I felt like saying “Welcome to Mars”:

Anybody seen the Rover around here?

Just hope the car doesn’t break down in some of these stretches

Total Recall

Then, around Flagstaff, you start to see these big honkin’ mountains:

Big Sky

That’s all, folks

Nothing heart-wrenching to report today.  Grumpy Dad version 3.0 didn’t phase me this morning; let Dad be Dad.  It’s God’s job to heal him, my job to love him.  The only thing that came close to a heart-wrench was another instance of a tug on my heart strings for how we human beings have really messed up God’s creation.  I find myself repeatedly wondering what this part of the country looked like before we put up all the power lines, orchards, roads, hotels, etc.  I would’ve really liked to have seen it.

Lots of silence on the radio…I think J is really homesick and is more than ready to see Mrs. J again.  Hope to finish up the first leg tomorrow, get Dad settled in on Tuesday, and head home either Tuesday afternoon or first thing Wednesday morning.  More to come…

PROGRAMMING NOTE:  For extra fun, let your mouse rest over the pictures to get secret messages!  🙂



  1. I loved reading the secret messages, now that was fun. You are almost done!!!

  2. i doubt you’ll ever watch the movie ‘cuz it’s a major chic flick, but I can’t help but think of Elizabethtown when i read your posts. the lead guy (played by who else but Orlando Bloom) ends up taking a road trip with his father’s ashes deciding where to bury him (not trying to be morbid, but it’s an important point) for years he and his dad had talked about going on a road trip and they never got around to it. i know that you’ve probably had to disply lots of self-control and respect, but i’m so glad you got to take the road trip with your dad this way.

  3. Can I just say that I liked that movie?

  4. if i can just say that i loved that movie!

  5. Hmm…now I’m worried…I saw the preview for that movie and really wanted to see it. I guess I should now (but no one will ever know when)…

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