Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 20, 2007

J & N’s Excellent Adventure – Day 7 – Exhaustion

Here was my day:

Got up, had breakfast, left Dad at the hotel.

Went with J to the room at Santa Fe House, unpacked for 3 hours, including a trip to Wal-Mart to get Dad some needed things for the new digs.

Left J at the room, went to the hotel, checked Dad out of the hotel.

Took Dad to lunch, went to the doctor’s office, without whose approval Dad couldn’t move in today (legal stuff).

Got done at the doctor’s, went back to Santa Fe House, picked up J, who had been working with my cousin M unpacking.  My cousin M had to leave because his mom had been taken to the ICU with a possible heart attack – turned out to be a false alarm.

J and I then went to M’s house to drop off stuff that wouldn’t fit in Dad’s new domicile.

Came back, dropped off the U-Haul trailer (finally).

J went to do laundry, I went back to Santa Fe House to pay the first month’s rent and moving fees before the administration left for the day.

J finished laundry, I took another trip to Wal-Mart for more stuff (side note – I saw my cousin’s son-in-law at Wal-Mart; my cousin R’s OTHER daughter had her baby tonight, after my cousin R buried a good friend of his yesterday.  Lots of drama in the A family this weekend), we met at Santa Fe House and finished unpacking and throwing stuff away for three hours total.

It’s 9:20 CST, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.  I wish I wasn’t so driven sometimes, but I had this feeling all day of “gotta get this done, or Dad will be left in a lurch.”  He’s just so…helpless.  Plus, J and I have to get on the road early in the morning.  I’m hoping to meet up with another cousin of mine near OK City tomorrow for lunch.  Other than that, we’re high-tailing it home.

J was indispensible today.  Couldn’t have done it without him.  (Clean clothes are important to me)  🙂

No pics.  I’m tired.  Good night.


  1. We’ll leave our heroes in Texas as we flash back for a moment to Wednesday afternoon back on the homefront…

    After a pleasant morning/afternoon of shopping, Mrs. J and faithful friend S begin thier mission of reclaiming (and paying for) N’s Explorer, which had been abandoned in long term parking in the Syracuse Airport a week ago. Upon arrival, the heroines discover that the parking lot is not only closed, but blocked and barricaded. In addition, the huge piles of remaining snow make it quite difficult to pull over anywhere near the parking lot. After pulling over into a gap in the snowbank, Mrs. J and S trek around a lake-size puddle, tettering precariously on a small ledge of snow. A mis-step heare could spell tragedy (or at least laundry). After making it safely over another snowbank and into the parking lot, it is discovered that while the front of the car is immersed in wet, heavy snow, the back is only buried up to the license plate. After some shoveling by both, S tries to back the car out (did I mention the snow she had to dive through just to get in the car? After about fifteen minutes of spinning wheels and intense shoveling by Mrs. J, the car was freed, and Mrs. J and faithful S (who will wear more practical shoes and roll up their jeans next time) started their journey home, with their small mission accomplished.

  2. …for which N is eternally grateful. Ah, snow…how I miss it.


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