Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 21, 2007


There’s an old Mike and the Mechanics song that begins, “Four o’clock in the mornin’…waitin’ for the light…”  🙂

Lying in bed, thinking about a list…what if that loaded revolver my Dad’s carrying around gets him kicked out of Santa Fe House?…what if there’s something wrong with the pickup other than a fuse causing the dashboard lights to not illuminate?…what if we don’t get back in time for J’s test on Saturday?…what if my cousin M can’t figure out how to configure Dad’s PC for the Internet – dang it, why couldn’t they just have had the phone line working so I could’ve done it while I was here?…what if Dad can’t find something, and we threw it out?…what if I don’t have time in the morning to visit my Aunt A?…what if we don’t have time this afternoon to have lunch with my cousin J in OK City?…where was my faith this afternoon whilst I was running around like a madman getting all that stuff done?…where is it now?…why can’t I be more like those great heroes of the faith in the Bible?

Then it hit me.  I’m not supposed to get stronger in what I can do, I’m supposed to get weaker.  Live out of that.  What, you don’t think Abraham was soiling himself when he was taking Isaac to be offered as sacrifice?  Or that Paul didn’t have a few sleepless nights early on in his ministry?  Or that Jesus was completely calm that night in the Garden of Gethsemane?

God puts these situations in my life so that I’ll depend more on Him.  If we got totally confident in what we can do on our own, there wouldn’t be much need for Him in our lives, would there?

Saddle up…


  1. Living out of our weaknesses huh? I need to learn to do more of that! If I did that I’d look like The Rock on steroids! (Spiritualy speaking of course):)

  2. we are so excited to have you guys back home…hang in there and DRIVE SAFELY!!

    i am thankful that ‘in my weakness he is strong’ but i’m not sure i’ve ever lived like i really, really, really believe that…thanks for the reminder.

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