Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 22, 2007

J & N’s Excellent Adventure – Day 9 – Kinda Boring

Greetings from Erie, PA.  Long drive today.  10:20 pm, zzzzzzzz……snow…zzzzzzz……stinkin’ snow……zzzzzzzzz…..

Jesus is in Missouri
Shouldn’t He be the TOP billboard?

Here’s the Arch
Always wanted to see that thing...

Here’s the Mississippi River

Saw another BIG honkin’ CROSS (not as tall as the one yesterday, but very similar…thicker)
there's a website advertised under it, didn't get a picture of it
again, you can see it for MILES

OK, I took the picture...does it LOOK real?

Three songs from LP for Ohio, including “Cleveland Rocks” on the special CD she and her hub made for us
are we there yet?

there's one in Missouri, Massachusetts (Mrs J. called us from there today), and Ohio - which one do the Simpsons live at?

Aw, MAN…?!?!?!
white crap...

And, last but not least…remember in CA when we didn’t go 5 minutes without seeing an orchard? Well, today, we didn’t go 5 minutes without seeing a big honkin’ tractor trailer. Makes for an intimidating drive…
I think there was a 70's song called 'Convoy'...
...and we saw a BUNCH OF 'EM...

And, finally, a drive through a blizzard to Erie late this evening.  There’s about a foot or more on the ground outside.   Ok, I’ve been blessed this winter to be away from it.  I’ll stop complaining.  See y’all tomorrow!

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