Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 23, 2007

J & N’s Excellent Adventure – Day 10 – Home

Well, we made it.  J is home waiting on Mrs. J to return from babysitting (a diabolical plan he’s been plotting for a couple of days – much thanks to M for getting her out of the house), and here I am in the basement blogging.  Mostly uneventful drive this morning; however, we were on the road just a few minutes when we realized that the windshield washers weren’t working in Bandit 2.


What the heck is it with windshield apparati this trip?!?!  So I prayed, and no, God didn’t fix the windshield washers. I guess He was trying to show me that I can drive 256 miles without a clean windshield, which we did, actually without my blood pressure skyrocketing.
OK, not so fun, but not too bad

We knew we were nearing home when…
Not a good sign...

Honestly, if it did THIS every time it snowed, I wouldn’t mind it so much…
Much more appealing to the eye when it sticks on the trees

And, at 12:00 on the button, we arrived a J’s place.
Laserwash, here I come!

And so it ends. And I wish we had more time. Even the most rudimentary sightseeing (remember in Animal Lampoon’s Vacation where they get to the Grand Canyon and they just kinda stand there for 5 seconds, say, “OK, cool.”  and leave?  That’s me and sightseeing) would’ve added tons to the trip; we were only a few miles from the meteor crater site in New Mexico.  I found myself driven at times rather than relaxed just because of time concerns.  Here’s our journey (the road part of it):
Whew!  Each # is a stop/hotel

I think I learned a lot of what God wanted to teach me on this trip. Now I have to apply it. I want to apply it so badly. I’ve been “stuck” for so long. It’s quite the revelation when you hang out with your Dad for 7 days and all the past hurts and feelings come rushing back in. I’m thankful for the blog so I could get them all down. Beyond that, I’ve realized how much I’ve relied on people, things and morals for my identity all these years. And it’s a good revelation. It has allowed me to start forgiving those I should forgive and start looking for my own salvation in even more earnest than when my marriage began it’s ending.

I think most of all I’ve learned that we never really mean to hurt anyone in this life. We either act (or in some cases live) out of a wounded heart. People are not the enemy. Parents are not the enemy. Spouses are not the enemy. There is an enemy. Love is the weapon. God is the Mighty Commander, and I just want to follow Him wherever He goes and follow His orders – given in love – with love in my heart.

Thanks especially to LP and her hub for giving me the perspective and the idea of an “excellent adventure”, without which I would not have learned these things, because I wouldn’t have been looking for them. Thanks, guys.

Saddle up…now the adventure begins…



  1. We are so glad you are home!! I love that God speaks truth into us because it was Him that led us to encourage you that way — you know that kind of ‘knowing’ the Spirit gives us. I am also thankful that you documented this adventure so you can return often to the truths from it (as well as all the fun pics)! i just saw one of those crosses on a TV show and felt so smart that I knew where it was. Thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us. Now, get lots of rest ‘cuz we’re gonna put you back to work real soon!!!

  2. oh! one more thing…
    your map was cool, but you forgot to mark your glamorous overnight stay in Chicago….

  3. 😛

    I didn’t forget, the caption says (the road part of it). Microsoft Streets and Trips doesn’t have a feature that says, “we flew this leg of the trip”!

  4. Glad to have you back home. It was great to get to know you a little better. Thanks for sharing.

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