Posted by: zephaniah317 | March 2, 2007

Christian Southern Rock…now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!


Friend of mine let me listen to a new band this week (even though they’ve been out for a while).  The name of the group is DecembeRadio.  I’ve put their website in my blogroll.  They’ve got a Nickelback kind of sound, and the album is SO GOOD that I listened to it like 2 1/2 times today.  I especially like the track “Dangerous”.  Check it out if you have the means.  They also have a website @

BTW, my Internet filter at home has started blocking out and  Don’t worry, nothing bad has happened on those/this site(s), I’ve just got the filter set to block a category called “Free_Host”.  Bad thing is, the guy who has the password to change this setting is the same guy who showed DecembeRadio to me, AND he’s in Charlotte until Monday, so no posts this weekend.  (Dang it!)




  1. Checked out the band…I like it alot! I’ll have to hear the whole thing sometime soon….maybe on a Krispy Kreme run? hehe.

  2. love it when someone gives me a great album recommendation…thanks!!

  3. oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me how much i like nickelback too!!

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