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OK, I’ve made it through the first round, and my bracket is still alive (22-10), albeit on the resuscitator when you stack it up against those fortunate enough to be in the online pool with me.  I’d show it to you, but it’s password protected (thankfully).

Like I posted on our pool site this morning, somebody tell me the last time none of the 12 seeds won a game in the tournament!  Sheesh!  For that matter, when was the last time there were only two legit upsets?!? (we’re not gonna call a 9 beating an 8 an upset)  Plus, like I was telling livingpalm’s hubby last night, the only game I watched in it’s entirety over the last two days is one of my losing picks…again, sheesh.

OK, on to the MADNESS portion of our story…I’ve watched a few games over the last 10 days, and I can’t help but notice how LOUD the crowd noise is.  I mean, you can hear the announcers OK and all (more on that in a minute), but, there’s always this cheerleader/fan screaming at the top of her lungs (sorry, but it’s always a female voice; I’m all for female sports fans, absolutely, but I don’t want to hear their scream for 2 1/2 hours straight); the ball bouncing on the floor sounds like it’s got REVERB on it or something (BOOM, BOOM, BOOM); even the RIM sounds like a bass drum with reverb (CLANG!).  Anybody else notice this?  I kept turning down the volume last night, but it didn’t really help.  Now, I’m a musician, so I’m probably 25% deaf already, but it gave me a headache after a while.  I know we have HD televisions now, but do we have to have HD SOUND?!?!?

Rating the announcers:  Well, I haven’t really seen enough bball to do an in-depth rating, but I LOVE listening to Vern Lundquist and Bill Raftery.  You can tell they LOVE the game and the kids (OK, I’ve let reality sink in…I’m 37 years old…they’re officially kids to me now).  During the Purude/Arizona game yesterday, there’s a guy named Lutz for Purdue that was raining in threes; after one of the threes goes in, Vern says, and I quote, “In figure skating terms, that’d be a triple lutz!”  Raftery says something akin to “I was wondering when that was coming.”  Good times.

Tim Brando and Mike Gminski are OK, although Tim doesn’t seem quite…well…real to me.  Like he’s trying to keep up with the Kevin Harlan’s of the world with his one-liners or something (“The iron is UN-KIND!” will never be replaced).  Just relax and be yourself, Timmy.  You’re OK in my book.

I like Gus Johnson, too, but I’ll bet the sound guy in the truck has to constantly have his hand on Gus’s mic control…he’s out of control...that’s what I like about him.

And, alas, poor Jim Nantz.  I think he’s a really nice guy and all, but during football season, I have to mute the TV because…sorry…I’m sure Phil Simms is a great guy; I’ve never heard a bad word about his character, but he is a master of the obvious.  Phil, I know the quarterback is “big, strong, fast, and can throw the football”.  Tell me something else.  Please.  Anyway, fast forward to March Madness, where he’s always paired/stuck with the venerable Billy Packer.  Billy, please…please…stop advocating for a coaching job while on the air.  Just call the game.  I don’t need to know what you would’ve done in that situation, I need to know what just happened.  That is, if I can hear you over the BOOM, BOOM and the CLANG! and the screaming cheerleader.  Thanks.

One last thought…ever notice the coaches on the sidelines during these games?  I always wonder which kids (there’s that word again) respond better to their coaches:  the ones playing for the guy screaming and cussing at the top of his lungs when they screw up, or the one that wants his players to play well, and win the game, but his life doesn’t depend on it?  Now, hold on a minute, I’m not saying that all these players should get a pat on the back and “that’s OK, I’m OK, you’re OK, we’re all OK” from their coach.  But I can definitely tell when it’s a coach’s goal to win the game, and when it’s a desire.  Need a little clarification on that?  Go here.

Enjoy the games, everyone…


  1. first of all, has anyone ever told you that you are a good writer?? i could see a sports column spin-off from this post!

    secondly, having been a March-Madness wife for many years (and girlfriend for many years before that) I consider myself an expert on the volume. Here’s the test, if i can still curl up on the couch and fall asleep to the ‘white noise’ of the game, the volume is still fine…and I’ve been napping great!

    my 9-year-old daughter walked into the room Saturday night and asked, “When will you guys be done in here so I can watch my show?” I looked up from my just-finished nap and said, “April.”

  2. Thanks, LP. And yes, I have been getting good comments about my writing. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve missed a calling here somewhere…

    Glad to hear you’ve been napping great. I really haven’t noticed the volume and noises being a problem before this year. It’s a mystery to me at this point.

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