Posted by: zephaniah317 | April 13, 2007

Giving Good Directions and Other Silly Stuff

Wanna know how to get people to view your blog?  I now know.  Put lyrics to a country song that’s in the Billboard top ten.  I posted this a while back, simply because I thought it was a funny/cool song that told a funny/cool story, and at present, I’m getting about 7 or 8 hits a day solely because someone is searching for the lyrics to the “turnip greens song”.  Little did I know that, although the album with this song on it was released in Oct. 2005, it’s currently #9 on the billboard “Hot Country Chart”.  I wonder what someone thinks when they google for the “turnip greens song” and up comes a site named “God is a Warrior”.  If you’re one of those folks, please feel free to peruse my blog, and again, may your weekend be filled with good directions.  😛

And now for a couple of funny Internet glitches I found referenced on this morning:

1.  Go to, click on ‘maps,’ then click on ‘get directions.’ Type in ‘New York, NY’ as your starting point and ‘Paris, France’ as your destination. Once it computes your directions scroll down to No. 23.  Good times.

2.  Check out Robert Horry’s line for the Spurs game against the Suns.  I’ve already asked my pastor if I can use Big Shot Rob’s DNP (Did Not Play) excuse to sit out a couple of games for my church league next year.  (he’s my age, by the way…so how does that make me feel, you ask?)

I’m not answering…

Have a great weekend!

NOTE (edit – 4/14):  I guess the folks at either Yahoo! Sports or the San Antonio Spurs (my favorite NBA team) got wind of the buzz being generated by Big Shot Rob’s DNP line.  If you click on it now, it says “DNP – Inactive”.  On 4/13, it said “DNP – Old Age”.  Hilarious…just in case you missed it.



  1. thanks for the ha ha’s this morning!!

  2. I know what you mean. In my annual perusing of my web server log I realized that I was getting a lot of traffic from people who were searching on “terrorist training handbook” and came up with my page here: .

    I haven’t gotten any offers from Al Qaida yet though.

  3. Saw the excerpts. Funny stuff. Hope you don’t get any visits from the FBI. 🙂

  4. Dang…I always forget that slight right onto E05 after I swim the Atlantic Ocean. If I had a nickel every time I made that goof…

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