Posted by: zephaniah317 | June 10, 2007


Franklin Graham came to our town this weekend.  And there was music by SonicFlood, Point of Grace, Tree63, Third Day, and Building 429 (gotta get their album – very cool songs and a great concert set).  And I got to lead 3 people to Christ after they answered Franklin’s invitation to come forward at the events over the three days.  And it was awesome!

One thing I realized at the festival was what a great circle of friends I have here in upstate NY.  I honestly couldn’t walk 10 feet around the arena over the three days without someone hollering “Neil!”  It was so great to see people I hadn’t seen in a while, and to catch up and share what’s been going on.  I’m very thankful for everyone in my life.  I’m blessed to have them as friends and acquaintances.

And, God worked in me this weekend (duh, like He was just gonna let me stay stagnant with all this going on!).  But I had to work through some stuff to learn what He had in store for me.

Basically, I didn’t agree with everything that was said and preached at the festival.  My insides were really churning when I heard some of the words coming from the stage.  I’m just being honest from where I am in my learning/re-programming right now.  Some moments of the festival reminded me of the church and the background I grew up in.  But, after venting to BA on Saturday night a little, I realized that (shocker!) not everyone has my opinion about church or God or life in general, and you know what?  Approximately 2,000 people gave their life to Christ as a result of the Festival, so I’m not gonna knock it.  And I realized that I was going beyond just being upset about things and being judgmental and condemning towards people that I was viewing as judgmental and condemning!  Sheesh…and thanks, Dad.  You rock.  Thanks for loving me.  Thanks also for drawing people to yourself this weekend.  May this area become a place of excitement about You and who You are and what You’re doing in Your people (including me!).


  1. C & I were able to go this afternoon and take our two oldest. Cool to think that a blogging-buddy was there somewhere in the swarm of people and counseling others! We’re looking forward to the fire that is coming as the Holy Spirit and the hands & feet of Jesus fan the flames.

  2. Wish I knew you were coming! I’m easy to spot in a crowd (6’8″). 🙂

    I agree, it’s going to be an exciting week/month/year.

  3. I sat with Zeph on a couple of occasions, and had the priveledge of walking two people (one 7 year old and one 28 year old) through the journey of turning their lives over to Christ.

    I don’t have quite the church background that you do, Zeph, but I still wasn’t a fan of the themes that Mr. Graham’s messages took at times. But, I realize that he has done a lot more of this than I (duh!) and therefore bow to his, and ultimately God’s, wisdom. 1,400 people went forward this weekend, and for this area that is huge.

    As one working to re-invent their relationship with God as well, I had my skeptical moments at time, but having counseled two people I see that God is at work.

    And being 5’10” and sitting next to Zeph’s 6’8″ a couple of times, I had some wonderful views of his shoulder blades as I tried to watch the jumbo trons 😉

  4. wow.

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