Posted by: zephaniah317 | October 15, 2007


Well, I’m back from my business trip to Seattle last week.  Middle seat on the long leg (Detroit to Seattle) both ways.  Ugh.  Watched too much TV, didn’t spend enough time with my loving Father in Heaven.  Ugh.  Feeling “icky” yet again today, and over the weekend, like the sludge of “the world” is on me.  Again.  I can feel it’s pull.  I feel somewhat disconnected and afraid, to be honest.  OK, even more honest.  REALLY disconnected and REALLY afraid.  These are only feelings, and I’m learning to cling to the truth instead of them.  ‘Nuff said.

But, in all that, there is a bright spot.  On the flight from Seattle to Detroit Friday, I struck up a conversation with the gentleman sitting next to me.  He’s a teacher/semi-retired in an online law school, and he was on his way to Toledo to have some face time with his 13 online students.  So I start talking about Cubestock and the band and my church and my interests and some general opinions on God and church and our culture.  In return, he shares that he moved to Seattle a few years back and he and his wife of some 30 years (can’t remember exactly) love it there.  He also starts giving me ideas for local charities for me to contact that might be interested in having a fund raising opportunity/gig opportunity for InsideOut.  Cool.

But that was about it.  And again, as I’m beginning to notice with this habit of trying to share the gospel to people on plane rides, I feel that I’ve shared more about what I think than the true love of Jesus Christ to this person, a.k.a., all knowledge, little love like 1 Corinthians 13 talks about.

So, I’m feeling like the rusted creaking gate, and we’re landing in a few minutes, when he says, “Well, that’s cool, Neil, it’s nice to meet someone who’s excited about something.”  And I reply, “Hey, ya know, God’s on His throne, He loves me, and Jesus died for my sins.  What’s not to be excited about?”  And I was able to actually ask him if he knew God.  He said that when he had a heart attack a few years ago, he felt he was really close to him, but since then, it’s been off and on.  I didn’t pray with him or anything, but I told him I hoped he would keep the lines of communication open with the “big guy upstairs”, and that was that.  And I’ve been praying for him.

Thanks, God, for continuing to use me, even when I feel “icky” and not all that use-able.

And I hope that we all, as Christians, can get more excited about God.  I’m willing to bet it’s what the world really needs right now.

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