Posted by: zephaniah317 | November 16, 2007

Air Travel

OK, in the midst of all my father wounds and all this other gunk in my soul and sensing God saying, “just rest a while and heal up,” and populating my blog with all of it, I figure it’s time for something more lighthearted.  I heard a great (true!) story from a flight attendant on my flight from Ft. Wayne, IN to Detroit the other day:

A blind lady and her seeing-eye dog board the plane, one of those smaller Canadair Regional Jets (CRJ’s) and sits down in the front row.  The dog settles in, doesn’t cause any problems, and the flight attendant (a heavy-set bald fellow with a hilarious sense of humor) and the lady begin a conversation.  She’s actually not having a bad day flying/travelling, but she’s worried about her companion, as airports generally don’t have a place for dogs to, uh, do their business, if you know what I mean.

Well, the first officer overhears the conversation, steps out of the cockpit, and says, “Ma’am, I have to do a walk-around check of the plane before we leave, if you’re OK with it, why don’t I take your dog with me, and we’ll kill two birds with one stone?”  The lady says, “Sure!  Thank you!”, the FO puts on his shades, takes the dog, and leaves the plane.

A couple of minutes later, the flight attendant notices a passenger a few rows back is staring laser beams into his chest, looking as if he wants to get his attention.  The attendant walks back, asks the passenger, “Sir, can I help you?”  The passenger points out the window and replies, “Is that guy blind?!?!?”, because, sure enough, there’s a guy in a pilot outfit (the FO) and shades (LOL!) walking a seeing-eye dog around the plane!!!!!

Well, the flight attendant (remember, I said this guy had a great sense of humor) runs with it.  “Well, sir, you know we can’t discriminate against people because of their disabilities.”  I believe the attendant told me he was even going to start to talk about braille in the cockpit, when he notices that…oops…other people have heard his little conversation and are bailing from the plane like it’s already going down!  He was able to get everyone settled back in without too much difficulty.

Nice story, and it’s cool to meet someone in the airline industry that still loves their job.  We even talked about God a little before we landed.  He had a nice analogy he heard from a friend of his:  Life is like riding in a car with God.  Every so often (more often for me, it seems) we say, “God, can I drive?” and God says, “OK, here ya go,” and the car ends up in a ditch.  We say, “Sorry, God, You drive,” and God says, “OK, thanks,” and we’re back on the highway, then we say, “God, can I drive?” and God says, “OK, here ya go,” and the car ends up in a ditch, and back and forth all the time.  I don’t know if he was a Christian, but he definitely had a good perspective on things from that standpoint.  I’m really not sure though, when he heard I was in a band, he seemed to think that bands were primarily a way to pick up women.  Anyway…

Have a great weekend!


  1. welcome back to blog world. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness,what a hilarious story…..and how cool for him to have such a fun sense of humor ( the flight attendant )…..I’m sure sometimes with all the flying you seem to do that a flight like this makes travel a little more delightful…..Happy Thanksgiving

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