Posted by: zephaniah317 | May 12, 2008

The Real Problem and Other Thoughts

In the past year, I’d like to think I’ve grown spiritually and emotionally, thanks to what God has done and is doing in my life.  But even as I type those words, I’m struck again at how I’m moving away from the place of “God, do something in my life!  Help me!” to “God, just be near me, talk with me, and I will listen, and I’ll put in the effort – time, most importantly – to help our relationship grow.”  Like I said in my last post, our relationship with God (and others) “fixes us”, He doesn’t just “zap” us.

And, the more I look at my own life, the more I realize that the REAL problem all of these years is that I haven’t seen God correctly.  Haven’t known His love.  Haven’t known HIM.  REALLY known HIM.  Isn’t that why people turn to other things to satisfy themselves or fill the hole inside?  My friend C over at Taste The Sea told me one day to “visualize/imagine my perfect Dad.  That’s who God is.”  I agree.  He is.  He’s perfect.  He’s loving.  He provides wisdom to make it through every circumstance – even if we get hurt, it’s because He sees that it is needed in our life at that time, and it’s still the best thing.  He loves us with an everlasting, never-ending, overpowering, awe-inspiring, never-abandoning, always forgiving, perfect love.  Why do we ever stray?  BECAUSE WE DON’T SEE HIM THAT WAY SOMETIMES.  The eyes of our heart get cataracts, and He seems gray and cloudy and distant.  He hasn’t changed.  We have.  He doesn’t change.  WE do.  There are days, hours, moments, minutes, seconds, where we lose our guard, make bad decisions, and stray away from Him.  Then we come to the end of ourselves, realize we made a bad turn in the road somewhere, and hopefully return to the only One who can restore us.  And this restoration is not just about getting back into relationship with HIM, it’s about breathing LIFE back into our SOULS VIA the relationship.  It’s about making life worth LIVING again.

But, good grief, isn’t He the best deal going?  I mean, really!

When things like poker, golf, worship, music, and other things in my life become more about doing them well and acheiving recognition or acceptance by them than about being in relationships with people or doing these things just because I love doing them, He’s still there, waiting to heal my hurting soul and restore me.  He reminds me constantly of how I don’t need to do ANYTHING, or do anything WELL to be loved by Him.  What an AWESOME covenant!  What a great place and environment to facilitate my growth as His child!  What an AWESOME Father that continually encourages to do the things we LOVE to do, the things our hearts desire!

I learned this past weekend that my ex Brother-in-law was killed in a car accident Friday night.  I am very sad for my ex-wife’s family, they’ve had SO MUCH happen to them over their lifespan.  I also learned that my ex-wife has remarried.  The enemy came straight in and started whispering, “see, SHE can get married, why can’t YOU?!  YOU were the problem, not HER!  No wonder she divorced you.”  And God was right there, just waiting for me to listen to the still small voice in my heart rather than the noise in my brain.  Once I quieted down, and listened, it was all good.

That’s another thing about His love:  CONSTANCY.  CONSISTENCY.  Whatever.  It’s constant.  It’s like our hearts are continually plugged into the socket as long as we don’t waver and pull the plug.  Wait, no, it’s not like that.  We can’t pull the plug.  We just get to a place sometimes in our lives where we don’t BELIEVE that our hearts are plugged in.  We don’t see it.  So we go looking for other power sources when all we need is already there.  And that’s the real problem.  Belief.  Unbelief, rather.  Is God really enough?  Really?  I believe that all of our problems in life stem out of a belief that God isn’t enough.  That He really doesn’t love us like that.  That He isn’t who He says He is.  That we aren’t who He says we are.  When we’re complete and secure in His love and His promises, we don’t stray.  We don’t go looking for other power sources, other sources of love.  We stay out of “trouble”, because we recognize that when compared with God, it’s nothing BUT trouble.

The Beatles had it right:  “All You Need Is Love”.  It’s all we’re really searching for at the end of the day.  God is love.  Why go searching for love in other places when it’s already there?  Why continue to strive and struggle and clamor for things or attitudes or self-help ideas that will make us a better person when God loves us just as we are?  If we aren’t mature, stable, secure-in-His-love people, it’s because we don’t BELIEVE we are.  The more our belief grows, the more we grow, and the more mature and secure we become.



  1. Hi ya…..I really enjoyed your post….as always when you do write you are up front honest and your feelings just seem to pour into what you write….I like that……you seem to struggle but push through and look for the light at the end of the tunnel…..I am glad you were able to quiet yourself and turn to HIS word when you were sad or angry about the news of your ex-wife….and the death of your ex brother-in-law…..Lately I have been pushing through some tough spots with God,church and relationships and it is REALLY hard….but we have to remember stuff like the words from Natalie Grant’s song “HELD”…THIS IS WHAT IT IS TO BE LOVED AND TO KNOW THAT THE PROMISE WAS WHEN EVERYTHING FELL WE’D BE HELD….!!!…take care !!

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