Posted by: zephaniah317 | June 28, 2008

And today, he relaxes…

If you look at my “About Me” page, you’ll notice that I like to golf, play music, and paintball.  Well, this week, I pulled off the trifecta.  Golf league Monday and Tuesday nights, a captain and crew golf tournament on Wednesday, band practice Wednesday night, worship team practice Thursday night at church, paintball at EMR in New Milford, PA all day yesterday with 31 fellow employees.  Good times.  Most of the guys who had never played before actually moved around and played with some strategy, in contrast to the typical “noob” who dives behind a bunker and stays there because they’re afraid of being shot.

By Thursday morning at work, I was feeling quite dead – I happen to be in possibly the worst physical shape of my life.  But today, or this morning at least, I’m feeling stronger, like my body is remembering, “oh, OK, the more you USE the muscles, the stronger they GET.”

With that said, the most I’m going to do today is laundry and read some more in The Way of the Wild Heart by Eldredge.  Partly because it’s more healthy for me than TV, and partly because we are in the dark times:  that dreaded season of the year between the end of the NBA season and the start of the college football season when there’s absolutely NOTHING worth watching on TV.  And yes, all you baseball fans out there…I realize your passion, I just don’t share it.  Don’t hate me.  I’ll go to a ballpark and watch a baseball game anytime, I just can’t stand it on TV.  And, I’d watch golf, but all they’ll be talking about is Tiger Woods’ knee and how his absence will affect the game.  The guy is beginning to appear omnipresent, and that scares me a little.

Have a great weekend!


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