Posted by: zephaniah317 | July 6, 2008


OK, just a quick rant before I’m off to bed.  For those of you who know me (BA, LP), this will be an old rant finalized in digital form.

I went and saw “Hancock” Saturday.  Not a bad film, could’ve been longer, decent story, and I have yet to see a Will Smith movie that I absolutely didn’t like.

However, I saw (and I’m not kidding) EVERY ACTION SEQUENCE in the movie – except for one, and there was a bit of it even –  in the trailers, or the previews, that I was inundated with over the previous few weeks.  It was silly.  There were people in the audience laughing, oohing, aaahing, etc. over these well-done parts of the story that a guy should absolutely love in a superhero film.  Me?  Nuthin’.  Nada.  Seen it.  It was RIDICULOUS.

I noticed it beginning with the first Fantastic Four movie (if you see a trend here, you’re right).  I walked out of that one with the same feeling.  Very anticlimactic.

When Iron Man trailers started appearing THREE MONTHS before the movie was release, I quickly started a habit of changing the channel whenever a preview came on, and thankfully, I was able to enjoy the movie, and it’s a great one.

Luckily, Marvel put The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man so close together in release dates that they didn’t have time to show me every action sequence in the Hulk.  That would’ve been disappointing, too.

I’ve already settled on the fact that I’ll know every explosion, fight, and flight of the Dark Knight before it comes out next week.  I hope it’s a long film.

Do me a favor, Hollywood.  Stop the madness.  Keep the movie in the theater.  Thanks.

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