Posted by: zephaniah317 | February 19, 2009

Ramblings and Rantings

Why do artists (or at least the Christian artists on my iPod) feel compelled nowadays to end their songs with some weird sound effect or feedback?  Can’t they just trash can it and end the song rather than fading out with weird sounds?  Is this some kind of artistic expression?  Well, it’s very annoying, at least to me…

Why is it so hard to get to know people?  I’m tired of the games…I know I play them myself to some extent, but sheesh…what’s with all the walls?!?!

I remember watching Sinbad (the comedian) a few years ago on Comedy Central.  He was talking about how when you’re a teenager, and you break your leg, “whoomf”!  it heals up.  Then, when you’re in your 40’s and you break something, it stays broke.  That’s why you see people walking around looking like Elaine Benes in the Seinfeld episode where she “dances”.  Well, my right knee is in that category now.  I got called out of retirement to play Y-league basketball this year.  6 games in, and my knee is like Rice Krispies (snap, crackle, and pop).  Like, every time I get up from a sitting position.  Did I mention I turn 40 in August?  Sheesh…my paintball career doesn’t look good right now.  I’m big enough when I’m crouching, if I can’t even do THAT…<shudder>!

Ah, the dark times are approaching.  Football season is over, March Madness will soon be upon us, then after that, the NBA playoffs, then the dark times until football starts again.  Sigh…

Just wondering…why do the guys on my friends list on the Xbox rarely invite me to play a game when we’re both online?  What’s the etiquette here?  Do I need to initiate that more?…(maybe I need to get a life?)


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  2. Hey I too am turning 40 in a couple of weeks…not at all thrilled with the idea..but there is no changing it….might I suggest to you to sit and talk with Pastor Marlene….she taught a class before on being a good listener…..and it really helped me……I feel it showed me how to be more approachable and more caring and sincere….she taught me that when people talk to you if you don’t stop and focus totally on them ( look them in the eye ) they may put up walls or not care to get to know you…..hope your knee is better…:)

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