Posted by: zephaniah317 | October 22, 2013

Mr. Right?

I’m 44, single/divorced, and in my “second tour of duty” on And I’ve found a couple of things that make me go Hmm…

First, I haven’t read the book/trilogy/whatever, but a LARGE contingent of profiles I see on the website have this:

“Last Read: 50 Shades of Grey”

Now, before I start a firestorm here, let me quickly say that I’m not judging anyone for what they read or their opinions on the material in these books. I will say that it’s interesting that these books have been so prominent in our social consciousness lately. And is there a statement here about how women in America feel today about men/romance/love in general? Are they fed up with the fairy tale? Is it another manifestation of the attraction to “bad boys”? Again, I haven’t read the book, so anyone seeing this blog, feel free to enlighten me. But please, be nice. I’m not trying to be mean, just curious.

Second, it’s also interesting to see the manifestation of how Christian men (and religion, I guess in general) have gotten a bad rap in our culture, and I guess dating culture. I see lots of profiles where women want a “caring, passionate, honest, loving” man in their lives. To me, these are all characteristics of a Christian man, or they should be. And yet, several times, when a woman has discovered that I’m a Christian, they have said that “we’re not a good match”, or a couple were even scared by my profile.

So what does THIS say about Christianity and relationships in America? And how hard is it to find a man that’s NOT a Christian with these values? Again, enlighten me, but be nice. I just want your opinion, if you’re willing to share.



  1. I agree about the dating sites. What difference does it make what your latest book read was?? I am a Christian I just don’t practice it anymore. I guess women want a good man but with a bit of a bad boy streak. I wouldn’t mind a Christian man but I’m not an angel and I don’t want to be one and it seems that the Christian men I have met are very uptight and want to change me, so maybe thats why women aren’t going for the Christian man.

  2. Your last sentence is basically my assumption. I’m sorry that Christian men have tried to change you. “Christian” denotes something other than Jesus-like behavior nowadays. It’s sad. And I only brought up the book because, well, it’s very risque. Thanks for your comment.

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