About Me

Stats:  Male, 44, divorced, Systems/Database Engineeer in my brain, Worshipper/Artist in my heart

Priorities:  God, Jesus, Love, Bass, Keyboard, Singing, Church, Paintball, Golf (playing, and…ok, I watch it sometimes on TV), College Football (watching), Basketball (watching and playing), Hunting, Computers, Databases, Sleep, Blogging –> hopefully in that order every day.  (I think Blogging is probably higher on the list)




  1. I was looking up some christian thoughts on God and War for a project-namely, the design of a church (or family) ceremony for those in the armed forces going overseas. One of my friends, and my sister’s boyfriend have both shipped out this month.
    I appreciate your blog. I am actually inspired to begin blogging now, as well. I love your pic of Aragorn. He, and Maximus are my favorite warriors. Being a warrior, being HIS warrior, means everything to me.
    In my research, I discovered a book called “God is a Warrior” by Tremper Longaman III. I’m going to check it out. Thought you might appreciate it, too. Also, since your a worship leader, I have some books on the Psalms I would like to recommend, if your interested. David is also my hero.
    Anyhoo, thats quite a long random hello, so I will be going now. Hope to hear back from you!

  2. I read your blog on fear. I completely agree with you. Warriors are sometimes on the front line and take hits from the enemy, there can also be generational stuff that gives fear permission to stay with you, grounds to remain.
    I’ve been researching God of the Angel Armies. That’s how I found your blog. You’ve given me an entirely different view point of my God. Thankyou. My Warrior King.

    • Thanks, Diana-
      I have to admit I’ve moved away from blogging recently (I’m now a facebook addict :o) ). But in the months after my divorce, God really revealed a lot to me, and I’m glad I had a place to put it all down. And, I’m glad God gave you a new perspective of him through my stream of consciousness. God bless.

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